I started sewing regularly in 2005, after I had recieved my degree in architecture.  Although I adored the design aspect of architecture, I had no desire to move forward in my career with it.  I do not find it as time wasted, I actually feel I owe my entire creative perspective to my architecture degree, because I had never found my creative spark, until I started studying architecture.  I just thought I would enjoy it because I was good at math and drafting.  Who knew? 

So post-college, I began to spend more time doing what I enjoyed: sewing.  Although I have no educational background in sewing, I adapted and learned quickly.  I inherited my grandmothers sewing machine in 2000, and had begun using it to create and re-create clothes for myself from fabulous dresses I found in second-hand stores, that just need a little tweeking to make it truly unique and a touch more modern.